A New Way to Buy a Used Car!


Ever wish you could test rent a used car before buying it? Now you can!


Hertz is revolutionizing the used car industry by allowing car buyers to Take a 3-Day Test Rental before purchasing the car! And our unique auto buying process enables us to offer great prices.





Now’s the time to Buy a Car through Hertz Rent2Buy


How does Hertz Rent2Buy work?

• Visit www.hertzrent2buy.com and select a rental vehicle that you're interested in purchasing.

• Pick up your car and take it for a three-day test rental.

• If you don't want to buy it, you will be charged a rental rate of $49* per day.


* Ordinary rental agreement is used for test rental. Additional rental charges for incidental items such as tax, airport fees, vehicle licensing fees and similar fees as stated on your rental agreement will apply.


** In Illinois, the rental charge credit and purchase price discount is given by an equivalent gas card.


Rent2Buy is a new program and is currently available in limited areas.