Corporate Giving Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following FAQs about Hertz Global’s charitable giving program will assist employees and non-profit representatives considering applying for a grant from Hertz Global.

Do we have to be a tax-exempt organization to apply?

Yes. We only consider IRS 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organizations or the local country equivalent.

How does Hertz Global award grants?

Hertz Global operates on a 90 day funding cycle. The submission period is open for 75 days. Once an application is deemed to meet the submission guidelines, it is added to a pool of applications for the giving committee to review. The giving committee reviews and makes a decision on the meeting date.

How will I know the status of my application?

A confirmation e-mail will be sent within one week of receipt of the application submission. Notifications of grant status will be sent within approximately four weeks of the funding cycle meeting date.

How often can an organization request funding from Hertz Global?

An organization may only request funding once per calendar year.

What focus areas does Hertz Global support?

Hertz is proud to support organizations that promote education, environment, safety and travel—with a special focus on improving the lives of children and families.

Learn more by visiting The Hertz Global Giving Guidelines here!