Welcome to the Hertz website for IKEA customers in Sardinia
Hertz is the world's largest general use car rental company. With over 8,100 corporate branches operate in more than 150 countries worldwide, we are able to deliver quality car rental solutions to leisure and corporate customers. In Italy Hertz is everywhere you want to be and now you can find us at IKEA stores with a wide range of cars and vans.

If you are an IKEA customer and you need to hire a van, Hertz will give you a very special offer. Simply book your van with the CDP code 768859 and present your IKEA receipt at the Hertz counter. Your IKEA purchases must be at least  €100 in value or be a pre-assembled piece of furniture from the bargain corner in order to avail of this offer. The offer includes:

•  Dedicated rates on 2, 4, 8 hours, night (from 18:00 to 10:00) or 24 hours.
•  10% off for daily rental or longer.

Choose from a wide range of vans according to your needs, choose your rate option and then just go with Hertz.

Choose the nearest Hertz branch in Sardinia and book your car or van by calling one of the Hertz branches you can find below, or book online by clicking the drop down menu.

Cagliari – Piazza Matteotti 8
Telephone number: +39 070 651 078
Opening time: Mon-Fri 08.30-19.30,
Sat 08.30-13.00 16.00-19.30, Sun 09.00-13.00 16.00-19.30

Cagliari Aeroporto – Elmas Airport Sardegna
Telephone number: +39 070 240037
Opening time: Mon-Sun 08.00-24.00

Sassari – Via Predda Niedda Strada 18
Telephone number: +39 079 2636766
Opening time: Mon-Fri 09.00-13.00 15.30-19.30,
Sat 09.00-13.00, Sunday closed

Olbia – Via Regina Elena 34
Telephone number: +39 0789 28114
Opening time: Mon-Fri 08.30-13.00 15.30-19.30,
Sab 08.30-13.00, Sunday closed

Alghero – Aeroporto Fertilia – Via Nuraghe Bianco
Telephone number: +39 079 935054
Opening time: Mon 08.30-23.00, Tue 07.30-23.00, Wed-Fri 08.30-23.00,
Sat 07.30-23.00, Sun 08.30-23.00

Enjoy your shopping in the IKEA store and then go to the Hertz branch to pick up your van.

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Shop at IKEA and go with Hertz!

Effective immediately, Hertz is offering all Gold Plus Rewards members globally fee-waived Hertz Gold Plus Rewards' service. With Hertz Gold Plus Rewards' service there is no more waiting at the counter. You just pick up your keys and go! Also, Gold Plus Rewards' members earn points for every rental made redeemable toward free days, free weeks and more in Italy and abroad.
If you are an IKEA FAMILY customer you can take advantage of some very special Hertz privileges. Click the links for more information.

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