Welcome L Brands Shuttle Travelers

Hertz is L Brands preferred partner and exclusive supplier for car rental when traveling on the L Brands Shuttle.

You must be a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards member to use this site for reserving a car.

Booking Tip: When you are on the Review & Book screen, in Arrival/Flight Information section – select ‘Private Plane Flights’ for Airline and enter ‘1234’ for number

Gold Members:

To reserve your car in Columbus, Ohio,please use this link for L Brands at Lane Aviation.

To reserve your car in Teterboro, NJ,please use this link for L Brands at Atlantic Aviation.

Not a Gold Member yet?

Becoming a member of the program is FREE for L Brands travelers. It greatly expedites the rental process and adds efficiencies for you, the Shuttle Dispatch Team and our Hertz partner.

If you are not already a Gold Member, click here to sign up now.

  1. A credit card (either corporate or personal will work) and driver license number are required when you register.
  2. Once you are registered and have an account number, you must enter it in the Frequent Traveler Programs section of your travel profile in the online booking tool so it can be applied to non-Shuttle travel reservations.

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® Benefits:

  • Rewards Points - Earn 1 point per qualifying U.S. $1 spent on car rentals & optional service charges such as fuel, Neverlost and more! Use these points on various free daily and weekly car rentals in most car classes!
  • Car-firmationsTM - Get mobile alerts sent to your phone that display the car you have reserved, other available cars and upgrades you might be interested in and where your reserved car is parked the minute it is ready.
  • Skipping the Line - At over 50 of the world's busiest airports, there's no stopping at any counters. Just go to your assigned parking stall and pick up your car.
  • Expedited Service - At over 4,000 locations worldwide head to the designated Gold counter, show your license and pick-up your keys and go!
  • Freedom to Choose – Take your assigned car or choose one from the Gold Choice™ area at no extra cost. ULTIMATE CHOICE COMING SOON TO AN AIRPORT LOCATION NEAR YOU – click here to see when Ultimate Choice will be available for you.
  • Fast Returns - eReceipts and eReturn - Reduce paperwork and provide your fastest car rental drop off yet. No lines. No waiting!

Thank you for traveling with Hertz