Welcome ICBC American Express Platinum cardmember


As a Platinum® Card member from American Express and ICBC, it is our pleasure to welcome you to Hertz #1 Club Gold and to invite you to take advantage of some very special Hertz privileges:

• Up to 15% off, best publicly available rates at participating Hertz locations worldwide. In the US and Canada Cardmembers will receive up to 20% off rentals on similar rates. Some market exceptions apply. Some market exceptions apply.

• Up to 25% off best publicly available rates on Hertz Prestige Collection when a Saturday night is included in the rental period. Available in Hertz Corporate Europe locations (some market exceptions apply), US, Canada, Finland, Ireland, Norway and Sweden. 10% discount offered in Australia on Prestige and Fun collections.

• A 4-hour no charge grace period before an extra day charge is applied when returning the vehicle in Hertz Corporate Europe locations, the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Middle East (with exception of UAE and Bahrain who offer 2 hours grace period) and selected European Franchise countries (some market exceptions apply). Asia, with the exception of China, offers a 2-hour no charge grace period, except on optional extras like portable phones.

• A One-car-class upgrade subject to availability, with restrictions in some locations (does not include Prestige collection). Some market exceptions apply.


• 20% discount on China Driving License English Certificate: Hertz locations in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asia (except Korea and Japan) now accept China Driving License, but need to be accompanied with a China Driving License English Certificate. To apply, please email scanned copy of your China Driving License to Hertz China at BookCars@hertz.com. The English certificate can be available within 3 working days and sent to you by post. The standard cost is RMB160 and valid as long as a China Driving License (max. 10 years).


China Rentals

  • Up to 15% off Hertz Standard Rate (including airport transfer, self drive & chauffeur drive)
  • Free one bottle of drinking water for all airport transfer and chauffeur drive service in all cities in China
  • Free English-speaking driver (subject to availability, to be mentioned at time of booking)
  • Free concierge service for airport transfer at Beijing and Shanghai airports
  • Free hotel delivery service for all airport transfer and chauffeur drive services.


Enrol now into #1 Club Gold and combine your membership with these special Platinum Card member privileges. Alternatively, for more information please contact your local Platinum Travel Service directly. Please note, Hertz will pass #1 Club Gold membership details to American Express and ICBC purely for servicing purposes. 

To receive these benefits simply quote your #1Club Gold membership number at the time of reservation. Once enrolled, the special Hertz discount programme number (CDP#) 1954197 should be automatically entered into your profile. 

If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to call Hertz China at 400 888 1336/0086 21 60851900 or Email: BookCars@hertz.com.