Welcome to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

Start enjoying the Hertz Employee discounts

What you’ll get as a Hertz Employee Gold Plus Rewards member
• 30% off Hertz car hire worldwide – we’ll provide a list of participating countries soon.
• You can add up to 9 friends and family to get the very same perks
• Free Additional driver - regardless of being a spouse/domestic partner.
• Note you will get all other standard Gold member benefits EXCEPT - you won’t earn points.


If you are not yet a member

If you are a Gold Plus Rewards member

Please follow the instructions below.



How to pick up your perks – and 30% off


Go to https://mdrpui.hertz.com/cmdr-ui/employee/login 





Key in:


1. Your Hertz employee ID*

* This is your unique Oracle ID number - it can be found on most payslips, alternatively ask your manager for this number

2. Your Gold Plus Rewards member number

3. Your surname

Book car hire with your Gold Plus Rewards number at hertz.com ...
and we’ll automatically apply your Hertz employee discount rate.


How your friends and family can join

Get them to join Gold Plus Rewards in the normal way at hertz.com or send them this link: www.hertz.com/friends 

Add their membership number to your friends and family list at https://mdrpui.hertz.com/cmdr-ui/employee/login 

Once you’ve added them to your list, we’ll automatically apply the discount rate when they book car hire with their Gold Plus Rewards number.


For now, you or your family/friends can only join using a credit card. No credit card? We’re introducing a debit card facility later this year. We’ll let you know when that’s ready.
FAQs: Click here for more information.