Welcome AICPA Members

Welcome AICPA Members!


Whether you are renting for leisure or business, in your neighborhood or around the world, AICPA Members enjoy faster reservations and rentals, with a great selection of vehicles to choose from.

Simply combine your AICPA discount code (CDP# 12353) for year-round savings of up to 20% with limited-time special offers (PC#s) for even greater savings!

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Want to Earn FREE Days?

Enjoy expedited rentals, bypass the counter to go straight to your car and earn FREE rental days with Hertz Gold Plus Rewards. New Rewards members receive 550 Activation Bonus Points (good for one free weekend day), upon completion of your first rental after enrollment. Gold profile and reservation must include the AICPA CDP# 12353.


Join Hertz Gold Plus Rewards today. Please present your CDP/Member card at the time of your car rental.