Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Points Reference Guide


*Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® shown represent Standard Reward redemptions, which may not be available on all days. Comparable AnyDay Rewards are available for somewhat higher redemption values and have no blackouts.

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How Do I Redeem My Points?

Here's how to redeem rewards towards Free rentals once you become a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards member.

Book at least 24-hours in advance to redeem your Gold Plus Rewards Points.

When Will I see My Points?

Your rental points will be added to your account the day after the rental is returned & if applicable, bonus points will be deposited when the offer ends.

What is the difference between AnyDay Rewards & Standard Rewards?

AnyDay Rewards are not subject to any blackout periods & may be used during the busiest travel periods, which usually occur around certain holidays, major local events, & the very highest seasonal demand periods at specific locations. Standard Rewards are available during all but the busiest travel periods & require less points to redeem than AnyDay Rewards.

Are My Points Transferrable to Another Person?

Points can be transferred to a spouse or domestic partner, as long as he/she is a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards member. There is no limit to the number of times points you can transfer your points as long as the points are still available in your account.

What Happens to My Points if I Need to Cancel My Reservation?

If you need to cancel a reservation that was made with your Gold Plus Rewards points, your points will be returned as long as you cancel your reservation at least 24-hours before you pick up your vehicle.


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