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Q: Can I use another person's credit or debit card for payment of my rental?
A: Charge cards and debit cards must be in the renter's name. The renter's name must be embossed on the front of the card.
Q: Can I use coupons toward my rental?
A: You can use one Hertz promotional coupon per reservation . Some coupons cannot be used with promotional or discounted rates. Some coupons cannot be combined with any other discounts. Check the details on your coupon. Then enter the PC# in the coupons or Awards section in the How section of Rates & Reservations.
Q: Can I use more than one credit or debit card to pay for my rental?
A: No you cannot split charges among different cards.
Q: Can I use my Debit Card or Bank Card to reserve a Hertz car?
A: At most Hertz locations, debit cards (sometimes called check cards) issued under a VISA or Mastercard logo which draw funds directly from the cardholder's account may be used to qualify for rental. However, prepaid or stored value cards which have a VISA or Mastercard logo are not accepted to qualify for rental. Debit cards must have available funds for the estimated amount of the rental charges plus a reasonable amount to cover any incidental charges in order to secure the rental. Both debit cards and prepaid or stored value cards issued under a VISA or Mastercard logo may be used as a form of payment when you return the vehicle. Please contact your local Hertz Reservations Office if you have a question about whether Hertz will accept a certain card.
Q: Can I use my company credit card for my rental?
A: A signed company credit card, with only the company name on the front, is accepted as long as the signature on the back is the signature of the renter.
Q: Can payment be made at one location and the car rented at another? Can another person pay for the Hertz car?
A: At the beginning of the rental, the renter must qualify at the renting location with their own form of payment, valid driver's license, and meet the minimum age requirements. At the end of the rental, if both parties are at the return counter, the second party may place the charges on their charge or debit card.
Q: What can I do if I do not have a credit or debit card in my name?
A: Cash Rentals are accepted with a Cash Deposit ID Card. Applications for a Cash Deposit ID Card are available from your local Hertz Office. Applicant must be 18 years or older and the application process takes approximately 30 days. There is a $15USD nonrefundable processing fee. A Hertz Cash deposit ID Card may be used at a Hertz Location.
Q: With my personal car insurance or charge card LDW coverage, do I need to purchase LDW from Hertz?
A: Only you can make that decision. For information on what your personal insurance covers, you should check with your insurance agent. To check on the benefits from your charge card, you should check with the charge card's customer service department. Then you can decide if you wish to accept LDW.