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Hertz Business Rewards is the ideal car rental program for small and mid-sized businesses. With one of the largest networks of rent a car locations, you can expect the same great service at the airport and in your neighborhood. And at Hertz Local Edition® locations, we offer pick up and return service within a local area at no extra charge.

Benefits for your Company:
Low Rates and Special Offers
Free Car Rental Days

Customized Billing Options
• Fee Waived For Authorized Drivers – no additional charge for
  qualified authorized drivers
• One-way Rentals - pick up your rental car at one location and
  return it to another
Partner Benefits
  - OPEN Savings from American Express
  - FedEx Advantage® Program

Benefits for your Employees:

• Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® - take advantage of an exceptional level of
  service with complimentary membership in Hertz Gold Plus Rewards!
  It's our fastest way to rent a car.
  - Bypass the counter and proceed directly to your pre-assigned vehicle.
  - Hertz Gold Plus Rewards members can earn their own free days
  - Earn one point for each qualifying dollar spent on Hertz rentals
  - Points can be redeemed for Hertz Free Rental Days, or exchanged
    with any of our many travel partners for airline miles,hotel
    points and more. Join Hertz Gold Plus Rewards


Special Rates for Personal Travel

Use your company discount CDP number to access our great rates for your personal travel. Your company will continue to earn their free car rental days and you can continue to earn yours through Hertz Gold Plus Rewards. Also you'll still get our Gold Plus Rewards service to get you on your way faster and hassle free!


For more information, see Program Terms & Conditions and Frequently Asked Questions.


Hertz Business Rewards Privacy Notice: Hertz Business Rewards ("Business Rewards") is a program under which small and medium-sized businesses may receive reduced rates and other benefits in consideration for their allowing Hertz and its affiliates, licensees and unaffiliated business partners to market their goods and services to the businesses participating in the program. Accordingly, any business that discloses personally identifiable data about any individual to Hertz in the course of establishing or maintaining that business’ participation in the program by that act (i) consents or “opts in” to the use by Hertz of that data for marketing purposes and to the disclosure of that data to affiliates and licensees of Hertz, as well as to companies that are not affiliates or licensees of Hertz, for marketing purposes and (ii) represents to Hertz that that business has the right to disclose such data to Hertz in the view of the uses and disclosures that Hertz may make of the data. Further, the individual representative of such business who provides such data to Hertz represents and warrants that he or she is the legal representative of such business, and has the authority to disclose such information for the uses set forth in this Privacy Notice.

Low Rates and Special Offers


• Up to 25% off at participating airport and off-airport locations for travelers 20 years of age and older.* Plus, special rates at
  Hertz Local Edition® neighborhood locations.

• Additional savings with members-only promotions.

  *Minimum rental age in MS is 21.

Free Car Rental Days


• Earn rental credits when you rent using your Business Rewards discount CDP number
• Earn a Free Rental Day Certificate for every 15 rental credits.±±

  - Each rental day earns your company one rental credit
  - Receive 10 bonus credits just for enrolling
  - Earn double credit for every rental for the first 90 days after you enroll
• Statements and Free Rental Day Certificates will be mailed to you quarterly
  - Use the Free Rental Day Certificates to save on future travel

±± Rental credits rewarded and bonus credits earned only for rental days relating to paid, qualifying rentals. Hertz reserves the right to change, modify or eliminate the rates, discounts, differentials and/or benefits of Hertz Business Rewards without notice. In limited number of U.S. and Canadian cities, a rate differential may apply. At participating locations in Latin America, Mexico and the Caribbean, only one Free Day Certificate per rental may be used.

Customized Billing Options


For qualified companies, we offer various billing options to suit your needs, including monthly billing statements. For more information or to request a billing application packet, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-654-4405 or

Partner Benefits


OPEN Savings from American Express



Hertz partners with American Express OPEN to boost the value you get from your Business Card.
Through your Card’s built-in OPEN Savings®1 benefit, automatically get a 5% discount credited to your American Express® statement OR 2 additional Membership Rewards® points for each eligible dollar spent on your Business Card from American Express OPEN with Hertz.2  Car returns made at an independent licensee owned location or Hertz 24/7® rentals will not be eligible for this benefit.


Get even more value by combining your OPEN Savings benefit with other promotions offered by Hertz.



Click here for terms and conditions.


FedEx Advantage® Program


Whether you're in the office or on the road, as a Hertz Business Rewards member you get the convenience and reliability of FedEx along with savings for your business.

As a member of the FedEx Advantage program, Hertz Business Rewards

members save up to:
• 16% on select FedEx Express® U.S. services^
• 13% on select FedEx Express international services^
• 12% on select FedEx Ground® services^
• 20% on select FedEx Office® business and document services^^

As an added bonus, when you pay with your American Express OPEN® Business Card, you will receive an additional 5% discount on eligible spend on FedEx Express and FedEx Ground shipping and up to an additional 10% on eligible FedEx Office purchases.^^^

There’s no fee or minimum shipping quota. Enrollment in Hertz Business Rewards and the FedEx Advantage program is required – use an existing FedEx account or open a new one. It’s fast and easy to enroll in the FedEx program:

Go to enter passcode CQTB1K13 and your Hertz
  Business Rewards CDP number


Call 1.800.475.6708 mention your Hertz Business Rewards CDP number and code 13 


Click here for terms and conditions.