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Car Rental in Greece

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Hertz in Greece

When you think of Greece, you could be forgiven for considering the ancient Greeks and the crumbling landmarks, or perhaps the beaches of the numerous islands. Yes, you can visit Greece and take in the wonders of the past and the sand of the now, but you can also delve into vibrant cities where you’ll see extended families sharing meals in its many tavernas, or you can find peace in olive groves. Greece has so much variety both on and offshore that it’ll keep you coming back long after that first, intoxicating visit.

You’ll find plenty of our branches across the country and islands, from Athens to Zakynthos and all the spots in between. Whether you plan to drive around Kefalonia, explore the buzzing capital or check out Thessaloniki in the north east, we’ll help you get your bearings and get onto the road. If your heart is set on a road trip, you can pick up a car at one branch and drop it off at another.

Driving in and around Greece

Houses on a hillside in Greece

From quiet, narrow and oh-so-scenic roads on the islands, to the upgraded freeways of the mainland, a drive through Greece can be bliss. Due to the large number of visitors from across the world, you’ll find that many of the road signs are in English as well as Greek. All speed limits are signposted, with a top speed on freeways of 130kph, 110kph on main roads outside towns and 50kph in built-up areas. All occupants of a car must wear seatbelts by law.

Greece’s minor roads are often narrow and winding. While you may see more of the real country, they can add to your journey time. The main freeways are better maintained and faster to travel on, but also come with tolls which vary by distance. There are tolls from Athens to Patras, Tripoli and Thessaloniki. You can pay at toll booths but, if you have any questions, please ask our branch teams who’ll be happy to help.

Much of Europe has a dual road naming system. Signs with ‘E’ are part of wider pan-European routes and will have local ‘A’ names. Thus the A1 that runs from Athens north to Thessaloniki (a drive of around five hours), is also called the E75. The E65 runs from the south of Greece, near Chania, hops across the water via ferry and then continues to the very north of the country and on into Macedonia. The E92 runs east-west and connects Larissa with Trikala, on to Igoumenitsa on the west coast. This port city connects you by ferry with Paxi, Corfu and Italy.

The joy of car rental in Greece is the variety of the landscape, with incredible suspension bridges over stunning valleys, past mountains and rivers and to the golden sand and turquoise water of the coast.

A quick guide to Greece

The Temple of Parthenon in Athens

Sitting on the Aegean and Ionian seas, Greece boasts thousands of islands that vary in size from the huge to the pinprick. It’s this variety that is one of the many joys of Greece, with each island having a different feel, flora, fauna and often food. And if you’re not island-hopping, the many antiquities of Athens, ‘the cradle of western civilisation’, will have you rapt.

Amazing Athens

Athens is also known as The City of the Violet Crown, and while that nickname is shrouded in mystery, with the right kind of light the Acropolis and Parthenon act as a crown at the head of the city. These ancient wonders have been preserved, restored and propped up to ensure that their thousands of years of history continue on into the future. Here are temples from Mycenaean times, many rebuilt after the Persians razed them to the ground in 480BC.

Continue your tour of ancient Athens by heading to the Temple of Olympian Zeus with its Corinthian columns, the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, a restored 161AD amphitheater, and the Byzantine and Christian Museum. The icons, sculpture and early books on display at the latter form one of the richest collections in the world.

Islands of life

From rocky outcrops to vast islands almost like small nations in their own right, Greece’s coastline is full of wonders. They’re not just beach destinations, but pack in the history too. Patmos combines both, with lovely beaches and a dramatic monastery overseeing it all. When it comes to nightlife, seek out Rhodes, Kos or parts of Corfu, while Skyros is a much quieter and undeveloped retreat.

Perhaps most striking of all is Santorini, which looks alluring as you approach it, and affords incredible views of the caldera once you’re on land.

The center of the world

According to ancient mythology, two eagles released by Greek god Zeus at the ends of the world met in Delphi, which makes it an important place in Greek life. It lies to the north-west of Athens and is undoubtedly popular with tourists. Zeus’ son, Apollo, was worshipped at the temple here, and one of the early precursors of the Olympic Games were also held at this site. They were the Pythian Games, which share a name with Pythia, the high priestess of the temple who was better known as the Oracle at Delphi.

Other remarkable ruins at the site include the stadium where chariot races were once held, the Temple of Pronoia Athena, the Treasure of the Athenians and more besides. Grab a table at Taverna Vakhos here for the incredible views of the valley below while you sample classics such as rabbit stew and hearty vegetarian options including stuffed zucchini flowers and eggplant salad. Finish with sticky baklava as you ponder Mt Parnassos.

Greece has so much to offer beyond this too – the hundreds of beaches, the modern art and architecture, the food revival – but that’s all for you to discover and explore with car rental in Greece.