Georgia is a country in Caucasus region that is neighboring with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Russia. Country has many features that can attract tourists. It has sunny seaside and rock-high mountains. A traveler can enjoy epic sceneries of Georgia’s nature, like forests, mountains, beaches and valleys. You can enjoy views of Old Tbilisi, visit Kakheti region to taste very beautiful wine or just go to one of many Natural Reserves. And all these are for very affordable, even cheap prices. With Hertz you can hire a car in Tbilisi and drive it to Armenia, Azerbaijan or Turkey. Drop off can be done in Armenia if you rent a car in Georgia or in Georgia if you hire a car in Armenia. You will enjoy the road in any direction you go. Georgia has ancient towns with big heritage, old churches and fortresses. You can always enjoy nice views if snowy mountains in the north. One of the biggest mountains in Caucasus is mount Kazbegi. It is visible from a very far distance and is an epic view. Always covered in snow, you must visit a place in Georgia.