Armenia’s placement on the map between neighboring continents and its long and storied history are just two of the features, which attract travelers. The country’s location in the Caucasus (the region between Southwest Asia and Eastern Europe), this should allow those who rent a car in Armenia to fully explore the surrounding areas, including Georgia. Enjoy a trip to the ancient capital Yerevan, whose distinctive architecture gives it the "Pink City" nickname, as well as the beautiful scenery in neighboring areas. With its ancient history, stunning landscapes, delicious dishes and hospitable people, Armenia is an attractive and cheap tourist destination. It is possible to hire a car in Georgia and drive to Armenia (or rent a car in Armenia and drive to Georgia) enjoying the beautiful sightseeing’s on the way. Upon arrival in the capital of Yerevan in the southwest, visit the city’s museum complex, which houses several different institutions of history and art, ancient and famous brandy factories.