Couple enjoying romantic view of ocean

5 Unconventional Cruises for Your Next Getaway

Couple enjoying romantic view of ocean

5 Unconventional Cruises for Your Next Getaway

If the idea of standard cruise sounds stale, these unique cruises promise adventure that will inspire you to consider a cruise for your next vacation.

The soothing melody of the sea and the salty tang of an ocean breeze beckon, but sometimes you want more than a traditional ocean cruise. To make exciting memories that never fade, book an unconventional adventure for your next getaway on water.

1. Craft Cruises

Indulge your passion for knitting and needlework on a Craft Cruise. These unique cruises bring together people who are passionate about needlepoint, crocheting, knitting, and other craft hobbies. Enjoys hours of fun activities on trips to Australia, New Zealand, Alaska, Scandinavia, Ireland, England, and many other locations.
Cruise ship on fjord in Norway

2. Murder Mystery Cruises

Love a great mystery? Tackle the challenge of solving a whodunit while cruising on a luxurious floating hotel. Carnival Clue ocean cruises travel to exciting destinations all over the world as guests piece together evidence. Alternatively, some U.S. cities, such as Charleston, Baltimore, and Knoxville, offer murder mystery river cruises with guests solving the crime in a single night.

3. Northwest Passage Explorer

Arctic exploration isn’t for the faint of heart, but a cruise through the Northwest Passage is indescribable. Departing from Anchorage, Alaska, this epic one-month itinerary takes a northern path to New York that few have traveled. The cruise features plenty of opportunities to observe whales, dolphins, seals, and polar bears in their natural habitats.

4. Westwind Tugboat Adventures

Embark on a truly unique journey through British Columbia’s Inside Passage. Fish for salmon in the morning, spot humpback whales in the afternoon, and enjoy a toasty beachside campfire under the stars in the evening. You might even spot the majestic “Spirit Bear” as you pass near Great Bear Rainforest. Customize the perfect itinerary for your personal Westwind Tugboat Adventure.

5. Star Clippers

Set sail across tropical seas and into the past aboard a clipper ship. With towering masts, billowing white sails, and teak and mahogany interiors, the sailing vessels of Star Clippers provide a luxury yacht sailing experience with an authentic historical feel. Despite the more intimate size, the ships feature swimming pools, piano bars, and Edwardian-style libraries for guests. Ports of call include cities in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Indonesia, and Asia.
Tall Star Clipper sailing ship at sea

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