Barcelona's beautiful skyline

Best Restaurants in Barcelona: A Foodie Guide

Barcelona's beautiful skyline

Best Restaurants in Barcelona: A Foodie Guide

Foodies traveling to Barcelona will love the quality and variety of restaurants, with fresh local ingredients, theatrical flair, and romantic atmosphere.

5 Barcelona Restaurants Foodies Will Love

Lovers of fine art and historic architecture flock to Barcelona for its modernista buildings, Picasso and Salvador Dali-filled galleries, and museums highlighting Catalan art. To the delight of foodies worldwide, Barcelona is also a culinary hot spot.
The cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia region boasts a thriving dining scene, where classic Catalan fare competes with innovative Spanish cuisine from emerging and prominent chefs. If you appreciate fine food, don’t miss these five foodie favorites on your next Barcelona vacation.

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1. Can Cortada

Housed in a restored 11th-century castle, Can Cortada serves classic Catalan cuisine using market fresh produce and locally sourced meats. Romantic and secluded under a curtain of vines, the restaurant’s stone arches and warm lighting create an intimate feel. Choose from an extensive menu that includes tapas, salted cod, charcoal-broiled meats, and paella.

2. Tickets

Created by star chef Albert Adria and his brother, Ferran, Tickets turns dining into a theatrical experience. The Adria brothers designed the restaurant with vaudeville in mind, decorating the space with circus images and theater lights. You will find flamboyant dishes to match as well as a standard seafood bar. Notable stars include crunchy suckling pork tacos, razor clams, and oysters from around the world. Local tip: Let your waiter choose the courses. Also, book early — tables fill at least two months in advance.

3. Espai Kru

Espai Kru serves modern cuisine with an emphasis on raw fish and seafood. Choose from ceviche with red mullet marinated in lime and cilantro, tuna belly with miso and radish, and an array of salted fish and sashimi. White walls and steel create a contemporary vibe, while the friendly staff makes you feel at home.

Star Chef arranging meal for guests

4. El Ninot Cuina

This anchor restaurant of El Ninot market serves Catalan classics using fresh, local ingredients. Choose from a three-course menu that offers fresh salads and dishes that vary, depending on ingredients in the market. An a la carte menu offers tapas, egg dishes, rice platters, fish, and meat. Stop by for lunch and browse the market.

5. Disfrutar

Pass by the large, bustling kitchen into Disfrutar’s natural light-filled dining area. Relax and enjoy 17 or more courses featuring innovative dishes with Mediterranean flair. Start with corn tart and razor clams and continue with red mullet served with pork belly and eggplant gnocchi and tomato and basil risotto. Finish with a unique chocolate, orange, and olive oil dessert. Disfrutar received its first Michelin star in 2015.
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