Woman using mobile phone on city street at night

The Best Travel Apps for Organizing Your Next Business Trip

Woman using mobile phone on city street at night

The Best Travel Apps for Organizing Your Next Business Trip

Check out the top three useful apps for business travelers that will automatically program the itinerary for your business trip, find the best seats on a plane, and more.

Traveling for business often means traveling alone, which puts all the responsibility for planning and organization squarely on your shoulders. Fortunately, various travel apps can turn your smartphone or tablet into a virtual assistant to help you with scheduling, gathering real-time information, and more. Load these three travel apps to your device to keep you on track for the duration of your trip.


One of the first apps that completely changed the game for both leisure and business travelers, TripIt puts all your booking details in the palm of your hand with minimal effort. Simply forward all your emails with confirmation information for hotels, car rentals, flights, and even restaurant reservations to TripIt, and the app pulls all the relevant details from the messages and compiles an itinerary for your trip. You can access the itinerary at any time, even when you’re offline, and share the details with colleagues.

The pro version sends you text messages with gate information for your flights and other important updates, such as cancellations and delays. You can also use the pro app to track all your rewards programs and receive notifications regarding upgrades and other benefits.


Whether you have a scheduled layover or an unexpected wait for a delayed flight, the right airport lounge break can make or break a trip, especially if you need to make an important call, connect to Wi-Fi, or grab some decent food. All airport lounges are certainly not created equal, and the LoungeBuddy app separates the wheat from the chaff with its review system, which has been called “Yelp for airport lounges.” The honest, transparent reviews written by fellow travelers tell you exactly which lounges to visit and which ones to skip in favor of the airport bar.

The LoungeBuddy app provides a quick glance at all the lounges you can access at a specific terminal based on your flight status or with credit card payment. If you don’t have access to any lounges with your ticket, the app helps you purchase day passes.

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When you want to ensure your flight won’t consist of knocks on the elbow every five minutes from the bathroom door or a view that is completely blocked by the plane’s wing, turn to the SeatGuru app to find your ideal seat with plenty of legroom without spending a penny more. The app provides individual flight information and airplane variations for a broad range of airlines.

Use the app to double check the seat map when booking and at the gate to make sure you have the most advantageous spot on the plane for your particular needs. Every seat on the map is marked with potential advantages or disadvantages using a color coding system and individual notes. The user comments are also very helpful.

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