Inside the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, California

10 Boutique Museums with Spectacular Collections

If you're an art lover who enjoys seeing museum-quality work exhibited in unexpected places, then boutique museums are for you. These art spaces focus on specific fields, ideas, tastes, or collections of art by recognized individuals. Here are 10 in the U.S. with outstanding collections you should experience when you find yourself nearby. 21c Museum Hotel Louisville Contemporary art collectors...

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Exterior view of Independence Hall in Philadelphia at twilight

Philadelphia Freedom: Visiting Independence Hall

In Philadelphia's bustling Center City, Independence National Historical Park is home to the Liberty Bell, as well as Independence Hall, one of the most important buildings in the nation's history, housing the Assembly Room. Guided Independence Hall tours take visitors through the exciting history of the country's struggle for freedom. Start at the Independence Visitor Center The National Park Service...

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St. Paul's Chapel at Trinity Church in Manhattan

From Washington to Hamilton: New York City’s Fascinating Revolutionary War Sites

Although Philadelphia and Boston might have a tight hold on the Revolutionary War spotlight, New York City was equally vital in the nation's fight for independence. Throughout Manhattan, historic sites reveal intriguing details about the American Revolution in New York City. If you're planning ahead, there's no better time to visit these sites than the 4th of July, when Independence...

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Who Made the First American Flag? Learn About Betsy Ross

The story of Betsy Ross sewing the first American flag in 1777 is a beloved chapter in American history, yet it wasn't until almost 100 years after the colonial seamstress put the last stitches in Old Glory that the public even knew her name. Although historical evidence of her role is somewhat thin, Americans embraced this strong woman entrepreneur as...

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Exterior view of the first presidential residence, Mount Vernon, under clear blue sky

Mount Vernon: The First Presidential Residence

When you visit George Washington's country homestead in Mount Vernon, Virginia, you may not be able to find the stump of the legendary cherry tree that he was said to have chopped down, but you will gain insight into Washington's home life and see artifacts and architecture from early America. Mount Vernon was a busy tobacco and wheat plantation in...

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A Road Trip Through Virginia’s Civil War Sites

There's more to Virginia than romantic Virginia Beach getaways. With roots that stretch back as far as 1607, Virginia is an obvious first-rate destination for history buffs. What might surprise, however, is that the state holds the record for the highest number of recorded military events during the Civil War. With more than 2,000 significant events recorded, Old Dominion is...

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A pair of cheetah print sneakers on Skydeck in Chicago with the city street visible below.

Top Family-Friendly Sights and Landmarks in Chicago

With magnificent museums, beautiful beaches, and spectacular skyscrapers, Chicago is packed with incredible adventures for families that are designed to delight, excite, and intrigue visitors of all ages. The Windy City is known for doing things in a big, bold way, so it's only natural for your vacation to be just as memorable as the town itself. Choose from experiences...

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Georgia state capitol building in Atlanta on a sunny day, surrounded by green trees and shrubs.

Top Attractions and Experiences in Atlanta

As Georgia's capital city, Atlanta offers a combination of small-town Southern charm and big-city appeal. Whether you want to experience all the best sites on a guided tour or spend a lot of time at just one of the city's must-see attractions, Atlanta has something to offer everyone. Take an opportunity to see some of these top Atlanta sights and...

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View of the Fort Lauderdale city skyline against a sunny midday sky with white clouds.

Top Outdoor Adventures in Fort Lauderdale

Known for its sunny beaches and tourist attractions, Fort Lauderdale is one of Florida's top destinations. Visitors to this southeastern Florida city can't wait to head outside and soak up the sunshine, but it doesn't just have to be about sandy beaches. Next time you're in the area, take advantage of one of these top Fort Lauderdale outdoor adventures. 1....

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Aerial view of people walking along the La Jolla coast on a sunny afternoon with green grass and palm trees in the distance.

Top Outdoor Adventures in San Diego

San Diego is a stunning coastal town, with some of the most exciting action taking place outside. Whether you're on the water, on two wheels, hurtling along at high speeds, or pedaling or paddling at a steady pace, you can experience the top outdoor adventures in San Diego, a city custom made for high-action fun on land and sea. 1....

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