Six lanes of a toll road highway with a toll stop ahead on a sunny day.

Avoid Slowdowns at Tolls: How to Use PlatePass®

It’s the middle of road trip, and you’re coasting down the highway with your favorite tunes playing. The sun is shining and it seems only the open road is ahead – when suddenly, you see the signs for an approaching toll. The scramble for change and loose bills starts, snapping you out of your road trip euphoria. If you’d like...

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Birds eye view of busy intersection in downtown Los Angeles showing 4 lanes of one-way traffic heading through intersection during daytime.

4 Ways Backup Cameras Keep You Safe

In May 2018, the United States will implement a new regulation introduced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration requiring that all new models of vehicles include backup cameras. Even without this regulation, 75 percent of 2018 model vehicles were already projected to include backup cameras. This feature provides a new level of safety and assurance to drivers and pedestrians....

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A woman safely drives a car with two hands on the steering wheel on her morning commute

Distracted Driving Awareness Month: 7 Tips for Staying Safe

Distracted driving is a risk not worth taking – but if you need any convincing, read these 6 alarming facts. With that said, in our society of perpetual distractions, nobody is immune. So here are some helpful ways to help you stay in the clear. There’s an app for that. There’s an app for everything, but an app for avoiding...

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A man uses his cell phone while driving on a bright afternoon.

6 Alarming Facts: Why We Need to Talk About Distracted Driving

A glance at the phone or a quick reach for a snack can seem harmless. That is, until it’s paired with the one activity that already requires your most intense visual, manual, and cognitive attention: driving. Statistics show that distracted driving is one of the primary culprits in road deaths. And curiously, the definition of “distracted” is broader than you’d...

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illustrated icons of cars, planes, trucks and other travel items.

How Multitasking While Driving Puts You in Danger

Distracted driving is a real problem causing 1,000 injuries and 9 deaths every day, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Anything that takes your attention of the road, like texting, eating, or grabbing something from the backseat, is distracted driving. Keep your eyes on the road during Distracted Driving Month – and all year long – by understanding the...

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Racing driver, Susie Wolff, looks on as she kneels next to child wearing a helmet in a go cart.

Susie Wolff Encourages Young Women to Pursue Motorsports

Susie Wolff was born for the track. From the time she was eight years old and driving laps in karts in the U.K., it was her mission to make a name for herself. Fast forward to 1996, and she accomplished her goal when she was named the British Woman Kart Racing Driver of the Year for the first of three...

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Young couple sitting in the back of a minivan enjoying the sunset.

How to Rent a Car When You Are Under 25: 5 Things Car Renters Should Know

You’re young, and you’ve got places to go, things to see, selfies to take, and #jackkerouac vibes to fulfill. You’ve been told the world is your oyster, and you’re ready to dive into it – that is, until you try and rent a car. Or so you thought. Turns out, age is just a number, and being 25 years old...

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Couple stop to look at map while on a road trip

How to Make the Most of Your Car Rental Rewards Program

Your car rental rewards program should turn your car rental experience into something faster and more rewarding. There are many programs to choose from so make sure you’re in the drivers’ seat for easy sign-up, better rewards and great partners when you pick your loyalty rewards program. 1. Do I have a faster pick up and return? Can you bypass...

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