Pack more into your suitcase by rolling clothing.

Unique Travel Hacks to Save Money and Boost Comfort

Millions of people take to the road or air each year for business or pleasure. Why not make the journey in comfort? From tips on suitcase space-savers to booking hotels, a few unique hacks take the stress out of all types of travel. Tricks for Booking a Hotel Room When it comes to hunting for a hotel room, take advantage...

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Walking with luggage in shoes with elastic laces

7 Travel Accessories You Can’t Leave Without

Whether you're embarking on a two-day business trip or a weeklong vacation, you want a smooth, enjoyable trip. Efficient travel planning requires ingenuity as well as organization. To arrive at your destination relaxed, rested, and with your belongings intact, don't leave home without these handy travel accessories: Packing Cubes Packing cubes neatly compress clothing and allow you to fit more...

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Mom reading a book to child on road trip

4 Interactive Ways to Entertain Kids in the Car

Even in the age of technology, it's not easy to keep kids happy on long road trips. Watching movies on handheld or built-in devices passes the time, but you might want to consider some interactive options that provide mental stimulation in addition to entertainment. The next time you hit the road, try these four ideas to engage your children's minds...

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Tips for taxi drivers vary in different countries

How to Tip Like a Local Around the World

Tipping is a core part of U.S. culture, but when traveling abroad, your standard tipping system might not fit the customs of your destination. Every country is different, but don't stress out over this detail. Avoid tipping blunders by learning what to expect in popular locations around the world. Europe At about 5 to 10 percent of your bill, restaurant...

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Family playing in the waves

5 Packing Tips for Family Beach Vacations

Sand, surf, and the sun make the beach an ideal destination for a fun-filled family vacation. Build sandcastles, ride the waves, and make memories that last a lifetime while relaxing and enjoying time with your family. Packing is never fun, but a trip to the beach could be anything but sunny if you aren't prepared. For the ultimate packing strategy,...

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Plan with children to ensure a kid-friendly vacation

How to Plan a Vacation Your Kids Will Love

Vacations are memorable experiences in children's lives, and you want them to be remembered for the right reasons. Choose kid-friendly locations and activities for trips to avoid the tantrums, complaints, and boredom that ruin family fun. Following a few simple tips helps you relax and enjoy the unforgettable trip your family deserves. Pick Destinations with Kid Appeal A kid-friendly vacation...

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A suitcase packed for travel

5 Items Most Travelers Forget to Pack

Often stressful and never fun, packing for business or pleasure is always a challenge. It's easy to forget essential items, even when using a packing checklist. Several key items deserve a spot in your suitcase but are often forgotten. Be sure to pack these five travel essentials: 1. Reusable Water Bottle Hydration is important when traveling. Stow an empty water...

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