Stonehenge remains one of the world’s most mysterious structure.

Road Trip Into The Unknown: Discover England’s Most Mysterious Spots

From spooky churches to fairy tale forests, the UK’s landscape is filled with curious, creepy and confounding mysteries. Hit the road … and keep an eye out for ghosts, faeries, wizards, vampires and more. Stonehenge Start your road trip in to the unknown with a visit to one of England’s most popular landmarks, the prehistoric wonder of the world known...

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Explore Important Gothic Churches in Europe

Gothic churches are among the most memorable sights on a European vacation, especially for art and history buffs. Originating in France in the 12th century, Gothic architecture sprang from the Romanesque movement. It emphasizes height and light, with design details such as grouped columns, flying buttresses, pointed arches, intricate statues, and stained glass. Although hundreds of Gothic churches dot the...

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Sailboats float in the water off Spain's Santander beach on a beautiful, clear day

10 Reasons to Drive Spain’s Cantabria Coastline

With mountains, beaches, stunning views, and rich history, the Cantabria coast is a goldmine of authentic Spanish beauty. Slightly off the beaten path from major tourist areas, Cantabria's remoteness lends to its charm. Here's what you can look forward to when you set out to drive the Cantabria coastline. Santander The capital of the region, Santander offers a resort town...

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Top Scenic Spots to Visit in New Zealand

An island destination unlike any other, New Zealand is a traveler's playground, offering beaches, mountains, lakes, glaciers, coves, volcanoes, cities, and so much more. After learning about the top spots to visit on the island, you won't want to miss out on a single one. Franz Josef Glacier Franz Josef Glacier is one of the few places where you can...

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Top 10 Nice Attractions

So plentiful are the highlights of Nice, France’s capital of glamor, that choosing just 10 things to see in this artistic and historic city is a near impossibility. It’s a place steeped in modern day elegance that also gives a knowing nod to its artistic past, showing off its mix of the old and new in a way that only...

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The city’s grand gateway, Praça do Comércio, with its lavish statues and lemon-yellow facade

Explore Lisbon’s best neighborhoods

Lisbon doesn’t skimp on history. Vintage trams trundle through the cobbled hillside roads, Moorish architecture punctures the skyline and grand monuments illustrate the city’s past. But the Portuguese capital’s rich heritage is just the start. As you begin to venture through its different districts, Lisbon’s charm unfolds before you. Let your taste buds lead you through a culinary goldmine, drink...

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The Old Opera House and fountains by night, in Frankfurt, Germany

Three Perfect Days in Frankfurt

Vibrant Frankfurt is generous to its visitors. It extends a warm welcome and beckons you to its old town, but it’s also a place of serious commerce and business. In Germany’s west, you’re close to both the Black Forest and the Rhine Valley, while medieval towns surround it if you plan to head out of town. Not that you’ll need...

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A view of the Main River in Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt neighborhoods guide

Frankfurt has long been a city that celebrates diversity. And even in its post-war rebuilding, this has been a frequent focus for city planners, to the extent that the city is now a magical mix or traditional old Germany intertwined with the fast-paced contemporary culture. To get a feel for the real Frankfurt and explore more of the exciting things...

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Basilica of San Francesco in Paola del Plebiscito, Naples

Naples Neighborhoods Guide

See Naples and die, goes the Italian proverb. But it seems painter and writer Arthur John Strutt had a better idea when he said: “See Naples and live; for there seems a great deal worth living for.” It’s true, the Grand Dame is full of surprises – there’s a lot more to see than even the Naples tourist information guide...

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The ancient Roman theater in Catania, Sicily with limestone steps and overgrowth, surrounded by buildings on a sunny afternoon.

Top 10 Catania Attractions

Catania is the spirit of Sicily brought to life. Baroque squares, hearty restaurants, and a genuine uniqueness mean this is no cookie-cutter destination. In the shadow of Mount Etna, you’ll find life unspoiled by major tourism with the bustle of a confident city going about its business. Our top 10 things to do in Catania will take you to all...

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