View of crystal-blue waters and rock formation in the distance at Mondello Beach near Palermo, Italy on a partly cloudy afternoon.

Explore the Best Palermo Neighborhoods

The city of Palermo is a testament to its medieval origins and the plethora of invaders of different cultures who have arrived in Sicily over the centuries. There are four historic districts, but the time and the whims of different people have complicated matters. Boundaries have become blurred, and as a result, the whole city is a fascinating destination to...

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View from of the Manchester Town Hall in Albert Square with a clock tower and the British flag flying on a partly cloudy day in summer in Manchester, UK.

Top 10 Manchester Attractions

Manchester is not the shy, retiring type. It’s a city bursting with pride and it’s not afraid to blow its own trumpet and shout about what it’s good at. But there’s plenty to back up the confidence. Manchester is one of the UK’s most vibrant locations and is also one of the country’s fastest rising cities. An important part of...

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A view of the impressive Drottningholm Palace and perfectly manicured gardens on a cloudy afternoon near Stockholm, Sweden.

Day Trips from Stockholm

Stockholm is more than just a city peppered with historic gems and modern delights, it’s also perfectly positioned for day trips that allow you to see more of Sweden at its stunning best, with charming towns, villages, palaces and more within easy reach. There’s even the chance to island hop thanks to the region’s crisscrossing network of bridges. Our selection...

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The MediaCityUK area at Salford Quays, Manchester during early sunset on a clear summer evening.

Exploring Manchester

You don’t earn a cool and cutting-edge reputation like the one Manchester has without a wealth of vibrant, distinct neighborhoods that give the city a diverse and tantalizing flavor that sets it apart from the rest. Manchester is no bland, stuffy metropolis – while it might have the standard city center lined with stores and chain restaurants, it’s also blessed...

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Where to Stay and Eat in Marseille

Marseille is a wonderful city to eat in, headlined by the rich array of fish dishes prepared with seafood plucked fresh from the sea. This southern French city is where you can dunk some bread into a pot of the local specialty, bouillabaisse, a fish stew served fresh at the port, or sample the kind of rillettes and terrines you’ve...

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River Aire and riverside flats in Leeds, West Yorkshire on a clear blue day.

Day Trips from Manchester

Manchester is a city filled to the brim with culture and curiosities. There’s plenty to see and do in this proud, heritage-packed UK city, but its location also makes it the perfect launch pad for a journey of discovery across the wider region. From the pull of fellow northern cities like Leeds and Beatles-steeped Liverpool to the unrivaled natural beauty...

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Day Trips from Seville

It’s hard to believe there are more treasures to discover beyond Seville’s borders. But once you venture out of the city into the beautiful local region of Andalusia, you’ll find a wealth of historical gems on the Spanish city’s doorstep. A tapestry of ancient wonders is waiting to be discovered in this part of Spain, which seemingly specializes in rich...

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Exploring Marseille

One of the joys of exploring a fine old European city like Marseille is that the hundreds of years of development, war, invasion, destruction, rebuilding and everything else that happens in a venerable city give it a unique flavor. No two neighborhoods are the same here in the south of France, with the regenerated port area close by the scruffier...

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Where to Stay and Eat in Manchester

Manchester can lay claim to the most innovative and thrilling food scene in the north of England. While Leeds, Newcastle, and Liverpool are all great places to eat, there’s a restless energy about the Mancunian dining culture that sets it apart. Manchester is a city where there seems to be a new opening every night, where you can find everything...

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An orange and turquoise sunset over the coastline in St. Tropez, France with boats anchored in the harbor.

Day Trips from Marseille

A wealth of wonders surrounds you in all directions in Marseille. To the south, you’ll find the city’s famous port, which has been the Marseille’s life and soul for millennia. Set off in any other direction and you’ll find quaint villages, glamorous towns and nature at its best. Head north to find a plethora of natural parks, east to stumble...

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