Aerial view of the Monte Alban ruins in Oaxaca, Mexico on a sunny day with a bright blue sky with white puffy clouds and mountains in the background

Discover Oaxaca: Mexico’s Hot New Tourist Destination

The southern Mexican state of Oaxaca has long been a crossroads for human populations. The region's museums are rich with exhibits of early civilizations and ruins from the ancient tribes that once roamed Oaxaca. The state is home to 18 indigenous groups who have managed to maintain their native languages and traditions into the 21st century. Whether you're a historian...

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A panoramic shot of Marienplatz in Munich, Germany

Where to eat and stay in Munich

There has always been more to Bavaria than lederhosen and the beer-based celebrations of Oktoberfest. Nowhere is this clearer than in Munich, one of Germany’s most thriving cities and a place that effortlessly combines the old Bavarian traditions with the new. Rather than serve as a living museum to a past way of life, this is a city that embraces...

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Marienplatz Square in Munich’s old town.

Three Perfect Days in Munich

Munich’s many charms mean it can be difficult to decide what to see first. So we’ve done the hard work for you to pull together the perfect three-day itinerary, one that takes in everything from fairytale castles to the city’s finest food spots. Day One – Marienplatz and museums Ease yourself into an action-packed first day at one of the...

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The Neuschwantstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany

Top 10 Munich Attractions

Picking just 10 things to do in Munich isn’t easy. This is a city with a long history, one that’s seen the rise and fall of dynasties and experienced a turbulent 20th century. It’s a place full of Bavarian splendor that sits alongside tell-tale influences from other cultures, while also being home to a new breed of architects, artists and...

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An aerial shot of Salzburg, Austria

Day Trips from Munich

Munich sits snugly in Germany’s south, right in the heart of Bavaria. While the city itself is worth the trip, filled as it is with places to see and fall in love with, it’s also a great base if you want to see more of Bavaria, Germany or even venture across the border. From Munich you’re just a short way...

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The Alte Pinakothek Museum in Munich, Germany

Munich’s Must-See Neighborhoods

While it can be tempting to arrive in Munich and head straight for the buzzy central square of Marienplatz, one of the pleasures of this city is the diversity of its different neighborhoods. Spend a little time in each and you’ll find a unique flavor in each one, giving you a real sense of how the local ‘Munchners’ live. Maxvorstadt...

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Tokyo skyline during the day with Mount Fuji in the background

24 Hours in Tokyo: Must-See Attractions in Japan’s Capital City

A vibrant, bustling city teeming with more than 13 million people, Tokyo is a mega metropolis full of life. The city's sights and sounds can initially feel overwhelming, but quiet shrines and solemn temples mix with the pulsing action to combine tradition with contemporary culture in a way you won't find anywhere else in the world. When you're short on...

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London skyline behind Thames River and Hungerford Bridge, illuminated at night shows Big Ben and the Tower of London lit up.

Things to Do in London Marathon: 72-Hour Guide

There's nothing quite like a trip to beautiful London. Although its weather can be unpredictable — don't forget to pack your umbrella — any time is a great time to get out and explore the sights. With so much to see, do, and experience, there's no time to waste. Discover all the magic you can experience in just a short...

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Aerial view of steep mountain cliffs with bright blue water below in South Korea

The Best Vistas in South Korea

In South Korea, tremendous scenic beauty lies beyond the exciting urban flavors of Seoul. The best way to experience the country's spectacular panoramic vistas is by taking a road trip. South Korea is known for good roads, plentiful attractions, and incredible food, making every day a new adventure for the senses. Gangwon-do Region To rent a car in Seoul, you...

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Romantic bridge over a canal in Amsterdam on a beautiful Autumn day

Three perfect days in Amsterdam

World-class galleries that beg to be explored, historic wonders waiting to be discovered and glittering canals offering a picture-perfect backdrop – welcome to amazing Amsterdam. With a seemingly endless list of places to visit, knowing where to start your adventure in the Dutch capital is tough. Here’s our three-day guide to Amsterdam designed to help you maximize your time on...

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