Saint Emilion roadsign in Bordeaux, France

Spending a Day in Saint-Émilion, France

For oenophiles, nothing says French wine better than Bordeaux. But the jewel of the area, however, lies about 30 miles east of the city in the medieval hill town of Saint-Émilion. With jaw-dropping architecture, quaint cafes, and acres of verdant vineyards surrounding the town, it's easy to say "oui" to a day trip to Saint-Émilion. The fortified village was named...

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Panoramic aerial view of Macau's many city skyscrapers, port and harbor.

Where to Get the Best Asian Fusion in Macau

The Portuguese took control of Macau, the bustling center of commerce in the South China Sea, more than 400 years ago, and the arrangement lasted until 1999 when the Chinese government declared the city's status as a Portuguese colony null and void. Not surprisingly, the cultural ties far outlast the administrative ones. Even though Portuguese leadership is long gone from...

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A cityscape view of Kyoto Tower lit up in the evening, standing high above all other buildings in downtown Kyoto, Japan

Travel Guide: Your First Trip to Kyoto, Japan

Although most major Japanese cities have fully succumbed to modernity, Kyoto hasn't lost sight of its roots. Once Japan's capital, this city of more than 1.5 million people clings to centuries of tradition while staying current in modern Japan. "Kyoto is really the heart of the nation," says Eleanor Yamaguchi, Associate Professor at Aichi Prefectural University and Kyoto resident for...

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Konopiste Castle in Central Bohemia, Czech Republic

Day trips from Prague

With beautiful bridges, cool castles and a skyline you’ll never forget, there are so many things to do in Prague that you’re sure to run out of time before you run out of fun. Once you’ve marveled at the majesty of Prague’s center and taken in the charms of its delightful neighborhoods, it’s time to go beyond the city limits...

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The clock factory inside Germany’s Black Forest

Day Trips from Frankfurt

Teeming with tradition and charm that’s laced through its forest of steel skyscrapers, Frankfurt is a city that offers an eclectic mix of the past and present. From apple wine served in cozy pubs to a myriad of museums without equal in the rest of Germany, there’s plenty to keep you busy. Perfectly positioned for discovery, from Frankfurt you can...

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Pompeii with Mount Vesuvius, near Naples Italy

Day trips from Naples

Southern Italy’s offerings go far beyond the captivating city of Naples. Home to some of Europe’s prettiest beaches and most idyllic islands, reflection-inducing ruins and prodigious piazzas, a different kind of adventure is always only a short trip away from Campania’s capital. But where do you branch out first? Read on for a round-up of unforgettable day trips from Naples....

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Poznanski Palace in Lodz, Poland

Day Trips from Warsaw

Diversely designed architecture, a jumble of styles and a storied past – Warsaw has so much to offer visitors to this proud, historic city. However, the Polish capital is also a great launch pad for discovering the rest of the country. Old cities that survived the war somewhat better than Warsaw, national parks where you can bask in Poland’s natural...

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Buon Appetito: A Foodie’s Guide to Verona, Italy

Your stay in Verona should definitely include all the best historic gems, such as the Roman arena, the 14th century Museo di Castelvecchio, and the Casa di Giulietta, where thousands of visitors take photos with the statue of Juliet Capulet and gaze at the balcony above, imagining the well-known scene from Shakespeare's play. When all the sightseeing works up an...

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The red-roofed skyline of Lisbon on a sunny day

Insider’s travel guide to Lisbon

Lisbon’s glory days are far from over. Founded in the 12th century, this sun-kissed city continues to charm with its laidback approach to life. A wander through the jumble of bougainvillea-filled alleyways and multicolored tiled houses is only the start. Vintage trams trundle down winding Moorish streets. Baroque churches gleam with gilt treasures. Plazas overflow with locals in search of...

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Three Perfect Days in Lisbon

Lisbon is a foodie haven, historical goldmine and art lover’s dream. In the Portuguese capital, the sun shimmers down on bustling restaurant-filled plazas, church-studded hillsides offering addictive views and lush parks where locals soak up the rays. With 72 hours on the clock, there’s so much to squeeze into your trip. Discover the best things to eat, see and do...

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