A red, sleek looking 2011 BMW 1Series M-Spec drives around a blurred curved road, with blurred trees and a stormy looking sky in the background

Today’s Cars, Tomorrow’s Classic Collectibles

Whether you're collecting cars as a financial investment or just because you love to drive them, someday your garage will be full of sleek looking vehicles. You can certainly keep an eye out for classics of the past, but what about the classics of tomorrow? Each year, new cars and trucks roll off the line that have a shot at...

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Even when he could no longer drive, Hunter Byington found great joy sitting in his 1938 Cadillac and starting the engine

A Cadillac with a Colorful Past

When the shiny Cadillac rolled off the Detroit assembly line in 1938, it was already a rarity. One of just 55 models made, the four-door convertible was a high-end luxury car with a leather top and lush interior. It was a limited-edition limousine model, with suicide doors and a massive grill that seemed to emphasize the car’s imposing presence as...

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An exquisite blue Bugatti Chiron

4 Luxury Cars You Can Only Dream About

Whether you're a car aficionado who drives only the best or someone who simply enjoys fine things, you feel a ripple of excitement at the sight of a luxury car. The sleek beauty of luxury models is undeniable, but most prestigious brands offer more than a pretty exterior. Equipped with state-of-the-art engineering and technology, these four dream cars offer an...

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