Taking Care of Business: Putting the Cloud in Your Car to Work for You

Cloud technology has come a long way since the early days when it served as an easy way to back up photos and files. Now, in-car cloud technology enables drivers to stay in touch better than ever before — and there are lots of possibilities for future development. Google and Apple® both offer in-car interfaces that connect to the cloud...

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An interior view of a self-driving vehicle with heads up display and advanced digital graphic of the vehicle’s exterior

Using Technology to Enjoy Your Time on the Road

More than 250 million cars and trucks travel America's roadways, and their occupants are spending a significant amount of time inside their vehicles. According to a 2016 AAA study, American drivers average more than 17,600 minutes behind the wheel each year. As a result, car and tech companies continually look for ways to reduce the stress of driving and make...

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A driver programs his vehicle with an in-dash touch screen navigation system

Driverless Vehicles Could Reduce Traffic

With the latest advances in technology, new cars offer far more than the ability to get from point A to point B. Although the world may still be many years away from a truly driverless car, vehicles are becoming increasingly autonomous, making driving less of a hassle and reducing the likelihood of human error behind the wheel. One of the...

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A black and white photo of Glenn Pray in his restored 1936-1937 Auburn Cord Phaeton, on a road with open fields in the background

A Tribute to the Past: Keeping the Auburn Alive

When the Auburn Automobile Company formed in 1900, brothers Frank and Morris Eckhart hoped to make a name for themselves in the fledgling American automotive industry. Little did they know the fascinating road their company, based in Auburn, Indiana, would take, and they definitely couldn't have imagined a Southern schoolteacher would be the key to keeping their vision alive more...

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Up close view of front headlight on orange 1930s car

The Dawn of the Dream Car: Luxury Cars of the 1930s

As the 1930s began, it would have been hard to imagine the decade's dramatic impact on the future of automotive design. In the throes of the Great Depression, Americans struggled to afford basic necessities, and owning transportation was often out of reach. However, that didn't stop automobile manufacturers from creating some of the industry's most significant new designs and features...

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A bronze Alfa Romeo BAT concept car sits on display with the other two BAT models in the Blackhawk Museum in Danville, California

A Car Before Its Time: The Alfa Romeo BAT Mobile

Concept cars have long served as a way for automakers to showcase their vision for the future. These dreamed up cars are often packed with breathtaking features that, while radical and exciting, aren't necessarily practical. Many concept cars never materialize into anything more than a scale model — or perhaps just a drawing — but some become one-of-a-kind driving models...

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