Happy young woman wearing black dress sits at airport gate.

Stress-Test Business Attire: The Best Business Clothes for Traveling

For frequent business travelers, effective trip planning is an essential skill. In some cases, you have to be ready for business very soon after arrival. That's why it's so important to pack business clothes that are ready to impress the moment you unpack. The last thing you want is to waste precious time and expense dealing with less-than-crisp clothes, whether...

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Hands holding wooden letter tiles reading "life" and "work" balanced on roller.

Work-Family Balance: How to Unplug at Night

Finding the right work-life balance isn't easy. The fear of losing your job and the always-on availability that technology provides has resulted in 94 percent of professionals working more than 50 hours every week. No wonder people are finding it difficult to completely unplug, unwind, and connect with their families and loved ones. Add in business travel, and you can...

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The rears of a line-up of vehicles on a busy road.

5 Scientifically Backed Ways to De-Stress

Stress is a part of life. Everyone experiences it, whether it's at work, at home, or on the road. Stress can affect everything from your productivity to your personal relationships. Science even suggests that it can shrink key areas of the brain, compromise the immune system, and make it harder to lose weight. Taking steps to destress is essential to...

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Pretty hotel breakfast buffet consisting of freshly made pastries

From Free Buffet to Gourmet: Hotel Breakfast Hacks

One of the hardest parts about traveling for work is sticking to a nutritious diet. Between the stress of being on the go and staying in an unfamiliar place, it's easy to falter from a healthy eating plan. Fortunately, a few tips and tricks can help get your day started right, whether you're dining in your guest room or enjoying...

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Young dark-haired woman in a pink tank top and black jogging pants running in a park.

The Best Health and Fitness Apps to Keep You on Track

Staying healthy and in shape takes personal commitment, especially when you're juggling life commitments like family, a busy job schedule, and even frequent traveling. When your time is maxed, getting to the gym or figuring out how to fit in that workout is tricky. Luckily, technology is on your side. Download one or more of these health and fitness apps...

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A young woman in business casual wear looks down at her phone with one hand on her suitcase handle while standing in front of a large window at an airport with airplanes in the background as she travels for business.

How to Create a Travel Policy That Enhances Workplace Culture

Top companies around the world are raising the bar and their productivity by establishing travel policies that have a positive effect on employees and enhance workplace culture. The benefits of a flexible travel policy come in the form of greater employee engagement and increased job satisfaction, both of which have a positive effect on the bottom line. Let Employees Reap...

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A modern, light-filled workspace features an entire wall of windows to the outside as well as glass walls separating several desks and conference rooms from a white-floored hallway.

How to Enhance Your Workspace to Build Company Culture

As any CEO or small-business owner will tell you, company culture is vital for long-term success. The reasons are many, but it's mostly due to the role company culture plays in the motivation and morale of employees, communication between management and staff, and collaboration within teams. All of this together can impact employee work performance and bottom lines, which is...

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Young, healthy couple in fitness clothing jog together up staircase.

10 Ways for Busy Professionals to Make Time for Fitness

Exercise offers a number of key benefits to your health, from keeping you lean and fit to boosting brainpower. While you try to stick to a regular workout schedule, a busy day can throw a monkey wrench into your plans. Fortunately, a few tips and tricks can help you make time for fitness. 1. Follow the Five Ps If there's...

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A woman with a ponytail and glasses stands in front of a whiteboard while speaking to a room full of men and women seated in chairs.

Want to Be a Better Leader? Start with These 5 Tips

Good leaders are invaluable to any organization, whether they are the CEO of a major corporation, a small business owner, or a company department manager. An owner with exceptional leadership qualities can inspire employees to set and achieve lofty goals, both as individuals and as a team, bringing success to their organizations along the way. You can take inspiration from...

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An African-American man and woman in business attire sit across the table from a woman with blonde hair. The two women are shaking hands.

5 Non-Verbal Cues Interviewers Watch

5 Non-Verbal Cues Interviewers Watch It's often the little things you do that make the longest-lasting impressions on people. This is especially true of your non-verbal cues during a job interview. What is non-verbal communication? It's the physical signals, also known as body language, that you give that could be interpreted in ways that you might not be aware of,...

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