A group of business professionals enjoying a meal in a Chicago restaurant.

The Business Traveler’s Guide to Chicago

The Windy City is a booming, yet affordable place to work and live. It's filled with generous people, waterfront parks and piers, and is a growing national hub for healthcare, manufacturing, sports, and real estate development. In fact, Chicago continues to grow as a leader in a variety of other industries as well. If you find yourself going to Chicago...

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A Business man in suit sitting on a couch while on the phone in front of his laptop

Productivity Tips for Road Warriors

If you're a business professional, your job description in these modern times may require some business travel. Whether you travel by car or by plane, each work trip presents new challenges, from lost luggage to ultra-long layovers. Fortunately, a few tips and tricks can help you stay as productive as possible when traveling for business — on the road, in...

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The Best Travel Tips for Business Travelers

People who travel frequently for business tend to have it down to a science. From how to pack to the best ways to get through a crisis like a cancelled flight, they have a been-there-done-that approach to be envied and a frequent flier mile balance that backs up their expertise. Of course, most of those business travelers have mastered the...

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A young business man in glasses and a suit talks on phone with a laptop on his knees

Creating a Mobile Office: 5 Tools to Always Pack

When you're working on the go, you need office tools that can travel with you. The walls defining today's workforce have blurred, with many workers now doing their jobs from a home office, a shared community workspace, or even a hotel room while on a planned business trip. To create a mobile office that allows you to maintain your productivity,...

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Long Haul Trip Survival Kit

Whenever you have a long-haul flight ahead of you, whether it's international or simply across the country, the first thing to pack is patience. Airline travel has made it easy to schedule face-to-face meetings with important clients all over the world, but it can also cause massive headaches and stress if you're not careful. Follow these tips to make sure...

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Sunrise on a sandy pathway dotted with footprints to beach

Bleisure: How to Balance Business and Leisure Travel

When it comes to travel, mixing business with leisure is an idea that's catching on fast. A growing number of "bleisure" travelers are making the most of routine business trips by tacking a few extra days onto their trips and capitalizing on any downtime. Travel Weekly's 2016 Consumer Report revealed that the number of bleisure travelers went from 11 percent...

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Group of business people chatting at a conference

Top Conferences for Women in Business

A savvy way for women in business to forge strong professional relationships that transcend their industries and boost their careers is by attending national and international conferences. These events are more than just opportunities to network — although the potential for that is great. They allow you to take advantage of workshops and lectures that focus on creative best practices...

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Los Angeles skyline at dusk

Los Angeles to Ventura: Best Places to Eat Along the Way

The drive along the 101 freeway from downtown Los Angeles to Ventura can take 90 minutes at best, and longer in the city’s unpredictable traffic. Whether you're making the drive for business or pleasure, the route offers numerous dining options when you need to take a break. Instead of settling for a fast-food restaurant by the freeway exit, consider the...

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A bright green and red patterned garden sits in the foreground with beautifully groomed bushes and trees on either side, with the buildings making up the skyline of Brussels, Belgium in the background against a bright blue sky with fluffy clouds

Top Attractions in Brussels, Belgium’s Capital City

In Europe's grand city of Brussels, where Art Nouveau architecture towers majestically over picturesque squares and gardens, it's not hard to find something to love. From world-class museums to cheeky statues and tasty treats, Belgium's capital is an ideal spot for maximizing your downtime between business meetings. Many of the city's attractions are within walking distance of each other. So...

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An empty country road cuts through tall, green, leafy trees that arch over from either side, with a light fog down the road in the Red Hills region just outside Tallahassee, Florida

Red Hills Region: Enjoy Nature Near Tallahassee

Southern charm and wild, untouched terrain collide in the Red Hills region of North Florida and Southwest Georgia. Stretching from Havana and Tallahassee, Florida, to Cairo, Monticello and Thomasville, Georgia, this diverse and scenic region combines the big city amenities of Florida’s capital city with the charm of small towns. One glance at its hilly terrain and red clay soil,...

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