Whether you fly often or sparingly, it’s always a wise idea to make sure you're navigating the airport as efficiently as possible. Use this guide to start implementing new ways to speed up your next airport trip – from opting for nonstop flights, checking in early, enrolling in TSA PreCheck®, and using Hertz Fast Lane powered by CLEAR to shorten your exit time at the rental car lot.

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Book nonstop flights.

If you’re aiming to reduce your time at the airport, the first step is to book a nonstop flight. While this could result in a more expensive flight cost, it could also save you huge amounts of time and help you avoid travel complications. Flights that offer connections often add multiple hours to your travel day and the risk of unexpected occurrences like delayed flights or missed connections. If you want to give yourself the gift of a speedy airport travel experience, weigh the cost difference of a direct flight with the potential stress and time of a flight with connections.

Choose the right seats.

If you’re the type of person that likes to exit the plane as quickly as possible, make sure you choose your airplane seat accordingly. It’s a no-brainer that seats toward the front of the plane will exit before those in the back – and aisle seats are always a quicker choice than window seats. If getting off the plane as fast as possible is important to you, it may be worth the extra cost to even choose to fly Business Class or First Class. (Plus, you’ll enjoy more amenities like extra legroom!)

Check in to your flight early.

With all major airlines offering smartphone apps, it’s never been easier to check in to your flight. Most airlines offer check-ins as early as 24 hours before the flight time. With a click of a button, you can make sure you’ll be at the front of the boarding line. Plus, you’ll avoid the wait-time and disappointment of being told there’s no room for your carry-on luggage. Have trouble remembering to check-in? Set a reminder for yourself on your phone the day before your flight.

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Travel lightly and opt for only carry-on luggage.

If you want to save a huge chunk of time on both ends of your trip, another thing you can do is pack lightly. By choosing to travel with necessities that can fit in a carry-on, you’ll not only avoid standing in line to check your bag (just head straight to security with your boarding pass already on your phone), you’ll also cut out the dreaded wait at baggage claim and ensure that none of your luggage is lost in transit. (Another tip: double-check that your carry-on items abide by all of TSA’s current regulations so that you can breeze through airport security.)

Enroll in TSA PreCheck®

Everyone knows that one of the most unpredictable aspects of airport travel is the airport security screening process. If you want to speed up this process and avoid waiting in a long security line, sign up for TSA Precheck. According to the TSA, most fliers who are registered with Precheck wait on average no more than five minutes to get through TSA screenings. To join Precheck, you’re required to fill out an online form and then go to a TSA location (there are over 350 in the U.S.) for a ten-minute in-person background check. The cost is $85, and membership lasts five years. Memberships take about two weeks to process.

Use Hertz Fast Lane powered by CLEAR.

After you’ve landed, you want to hit the road as quickly as possible. A new way to speed up the rental process is to take advantage of Hertz Fast Lane powered by CLEAR. All you need is a CLEAR account linked to your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® account. Using CLEAR technology, you won't have to reach for an ID as you exit the Hertz lot, and you can exit the gate in seconds. Bonus: Your Gold Plus Rewards membership allows you to skip the counter and go straight to the lot to pick your car, saving you even more time.

We hope these tips make your next airport travel experience a speedy one. For more information about Hertz Fast Lane powered by CLEAR and to sign up for Hertz Gold + ®, visit


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