Businessman working on a laptop on a plane

Must-Have Amenities for Busy Business Travelers

Businessman working on a laptop on a plane

Must-Have Amenities for Busy Business Travelers

These helpful gadgets and travel tips will save you time and money, and enable you to take your office with you while traveling for business.

On-the-go business travelers appreciate quick service, timesaving hacks, and helpful tools to make their work and travel easier. More than just luxuries, the right amenities allow you to stay productive in all types of situations. Make sure you have access to these key essentials on the road:

Easy Wi-Fi Connection

A good internet connection is a must for sending email, accessing databases and documents, and remotely handling tasks for work. Hotels don’t always offer free Wi-Fi, forcing you to burn through mobile data or pay hefty fees for connection.
The challenges are even greater when traveling internationally. Avoid the hassle and expense of paying inflated prices for internet access by traveling with a personal Wi-Fi device, such as the ones offered by XCom Global, My WebSpot, and major cellular carriers. You pay for access, but the rates are much more reasonable, particularly for international access.
Business woman talks on smartphone while waiting for train

Portable Battery Charger

As a business traveler, you often use downtime at the airport or on the plane to work. Finding available power outlets or USB ports isn’t always easy. A universal portable battery charger ensures your laptop, tablet, or smartphone remains powered up and ready for use. Popular options include RAVPower portable external battery chargers and iGo portable chargers.

Universal Adapter Plug

Business travelers who frequently jetset internationally must have the ability to plug in anywhere, but variations in electrical outlets around the world make it a challenge. A compact universal adapter plug stashes easily in a carry-on and enables you to power up anywhere in the world. Many also have built-in USB ports for added convenience. Try the Travel Inspira universal adapter or the Loop world adapter plug.
Traveling executive works on tablet

Conference Room and Workspace

It’s difficult to host an important meeting or handle a mountain of paperwork without access to office conveniences. Look for a hotel that offers dedicated conference rooms and workspaces for business guests. Onsite workstations at these hotels typically include printers, scanners, copy machines, and fax machines.

When you travel frequently for business, you rely on certain amenities to make your job easier. Follow us on Twitter to keep up with the latest travel hacks and tips to take the hassle out of getting to your next destination.