Couple stop to look at map while on a road trip

How to Make the Most of Your Car Rental Rewards Program

Couple stop to look at map while on a road trip

How to Make the Most of Your Car Rental Rewards Program

Your car rental reward program should make your travel experience easier. Be sure you are getting the rewards and recognition you deserve.

Your car rental rewards program should turn your car rental experience into something faster and more rewarding. There are many programs to choose from so make sure you’re in the drivers’ seat for easy sign-up, better rewards and great partners when you pick your loyalty rewards program.

1. Do I have a faster pick up and return?

Can you bypass the counter at top locations? You’ll want to be sure to get expedited service with your rental car program and never have to fill out paperwork – or stand in line. Be sure your loyalty program sends you mobile details on your reservation and car pickup. Drop off should be just as easy. You are loyal and deserve ease of service, mobile receipts and a no hassle experience when you return your car.

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2. Do you earn points for bonuses?

Every dollar spent on car rentals and optional service products should get you points and closer to an even better experience. Check the rewards expiration, and be sure points never expire or you have at least a reasonable amount of time to redeem. Traveling internationally? Make sure you can redeem points around the world. Also, make sure you can transfer an unlimited amount of points to the account of a spouse or domestic partner without any penalty. Are there plenty of partners to redeem with? You want to be with a company that allows the flexibility of using your points for the world’s top airlines, hotels and other service businesses.

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3. How easy is it to achieve an elite loyalty status?

How many rentals do you need to move up to that easier, faster experience? If you’re a frequent renter (or plan to become one), you need to be sure you move up to a preferred level of service and bonuses. Is there a super exclusive, white-glove level of service available? If you’re a frequent traveler, check into the elite status available and the top notch rewards you will receive.

4. Can I choose my car?

You should be able to choose your car without any problem or issues. If you can enjoy the freedom to choose the car you want on the spot, at the most frequently visited locations and airports in the world – it’s worth it for that seamless car rental experience. Can you choose an upgrade to a nicer car easily? Make sure your program offers this benefit.

5. Do I get email specials?

Saving money is never a bad thing. Make sure when you sign up that as a member you receive special deals and discounts that are exclusive. If it requires an “opt-in,” choose it and you should always receive enticing email updates, rewards and recognition for your membership.

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