Climate controls in a Tesla

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Stay cool or heat things up.

The temperature, fan speed and seat heaters are controlled via the touchscreen. Select the temperature icon (number) to set the temperature, the fan icon to set the fan speed and the seat icons to heat the seats.

How do I adjust the cabin climate?

Select the temperature icon (degree number) to set the temperature, the fan icon to set the fan speed and the seat icons to heat the seats. 

Is dual-zone climate control available?

To engage dual-zone climate control, select the fan icon and then press the Sync button. When the button is gray, the driver and front-seat passenger can both set their preferred temperatures. When the Sync button is blue, the A/C will sync to one set temperature.

Rear AC enable Tesla Model 3

How do I adjust the rear A/C?

To turn the rear A/C on, select the left-hand tab labeled “rear,” then turn on the rear fan. The button will turn blue when the setting is on and turn gray when the setting is off. The rear A/C is off by default.

More things to know about making adjustments

Just as the use of instruments and accessories burns gas in a gas-powered car, using these items in Model 3 will deplete the battery faster than not using these items.

By default, all features power down when the Tesla powers down. If you’d like to keep the cabin climate operating while you are outside of the car, select the fan icon and then select On in the Keep Climate On pop-up. This setting will shut off when the battery reaches 20%.


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