We know that as a frequent traveler, the most important item you can’t pack in your carry-on is time. That’s why we are excited to announce a new level of speed and convenience for Gold Plus Rewards® members: Hertz Fast Lane powered by CLEAR®. Ready to experience the exit gate without the wait? Here’s everything you need to know about our new partnership.

What is Hertz Fast Lane Powered by CLEAR?

Hertz Fast Lane powered by CLEAR gets Gold Plus Rewards members on the road faster. CLEAR uses just your face to confirm it’s really you. This means less time reaching for your driver’s license and more time at your destination. Hertz Fast Lane powered by CLEAR is now available at several major airport locations and coming to select locations nationwide in 2019.

As a Gold Plus Rewards member, you already get to skip the rental counter when you pick up your vehicle. As a member of CLEAR, you can exit the Hertz lot even quicker. Learn more and link your Gold Plus Rewards account to your CLEAR account at Hertz.com/CLEAR.

A four-step graphic visual shows how to use Hertz Fast Lane powered by CLEAR. 1. Pick the car that's right for you and pull up to any exit gate. 2. Roll down your window and follow the kiosk prompts. CLEAR confirms your face to your driver's license and reservation. 3. Gate lifts automatically. 4. You’re on your way.

How Does It Work?

Hertz Fast Lane powered by CLEAR is a simple and easy process. After selecting the vehicle that’s right for you, pull up to any Hertz Fast Lane gate. No need to reach for your wallet – CLEAR allows you to keep your driver’s license tucked away as you exit. Roll down your driver’s side window when you are next to the CLEAR kiosk. The kiosk will identify you with your face and match you up with your reservation. Lastly, the exit gate will lift automatically – you’re on your way.

Hertz Fast Lane powered by CLEAR is free for Gold Plus Rewards members. As an added benefit when enrolling, you are eligible for a complimentary airport membership trial and preferred pricing of $129 per year. Once you enroll, you’ll receive an email with additional details about your free trial. This promotional pricing is only available for first time CLEAR members.

How Do I Enroll?

Start the enrollment process by registering online at hertz.com/CLEAR and finish at any CLEAR location. Once you’ve enrolled in CLEAR, you’ll need to link your account with your Gold Plus Rewards account to join Hertz Fast Lane. (Not a Gold Plus Rewards member? Sign up for free.)

Once your accounts are linked, you’re ready to make a quick exit with Hertz Fast Lane powered by CLEAR.

Visit hertz.com/CLEAR to learn more and link your accounts.


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