Hertz Firsts

Hertz has scored many "firsts" in the car rental industry. Here are some of the most notable Hertz Firsts:

Hertz begins renting cars


Hertz establishes first coast-to-coast car rental network through national franchise system


Hertz offers the first advanced reservations and introduces Rail-Drive, which later expands to Fly-Drive and Sail-Drive


Hertz’s National Credential Card is the industry’s first identification card and precursor of the credit card


Hertz opens the nation’s first airport Rent-a-Car location at Chicago’s Midway Airport


Hertz’s revolutionary Rent-It-Here/Leave-It-There option drastically increases use of rental cars


Hertz introduces first uniforms in the industry


Hertz opens the first European location in France


Hertz is the first car rental company with 1,000 locations


Hertz offers first European Fly-Drive at Orly Airport in Paris


Hertz uses first Centralized Billing System


Hertz utilizes first Booking System for Travel Agents


Hertz introduces the first #1 Club, a computerized data system that makes renting a car faster and easier


Hertz introduces the first Nationwide Emergency Road Service


With the first Express Service, #1 Club members bypass the airport counter


First computerized driving directions give printed directions to thousands of destinations in over 100 cities


Hertz utilizes In-Car Cellular Phones


Hertz launches #1Club Gold®, which allows member to go directly from airplane to their car.


Hertz introduces first On-Board Navigation System, NeverLost®


Hertz launches its first website –
Hertz creates first Hertz Return Centers


Hertz launches its first multilingual website


Hertz launches its first Euro Conversion website


Hertz introduces #1 Club Gold Five Star and President’s Circle membership levels


First launch of the Hertz Prestige Collection in North America


Hertz becomes the first global car rental company to operate in China


Hertz first introduces SIRIUS Satellite Radio


Hertz first introduces the Hertz Prestige Collection in Europe


Hertz introduces brand and model reservability to #1 Club and #1 Club Gold members


Hertz rolls out the Hertz Fun Collection®, featuring vehicles tailor-made for travelers seeking exciting driving experiences


Hertz introduces the Green Collection of fuel-efficient, environmentally-friendly cars


Hertz launches Hourly Rental Program in New York City and Boston.


Debut of the Shelby GT-H convertible, a special run of performance-modified Ford Mustang GTs


Hertz expands Company-wide environmental initiatives: Announcing the addition of Toyota Prius Hybrid to Green Collection; $1 million donation to the National Park Foundation and $250,000 Donation to Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City.


Hertz partners with Nickelodeon to introduce Nick-On-the-Go, a fully portable, pre-loaded, touch-screen media player for vacationing families.


Hertz introduces the Corvette ZHZ, a special limited-edition, high-performance supercar


Hertz is the first car rental company to launch a Worldwide Online Check-in service to anyone, anywhere, anytime. In the U.S., Hertz begins its Online Check-In Guarantee, which gets customers on their way in 10 minutes or less, guaranteed.


Hertz launches Connect by Hertz, a pay-as-you-go car membership club that allows members to book a car for an hour, a day or even longer. The Company begins operations in New York City, Paris and London


Hertz acquires Eileo S.A., the Paris-based leader in the design and deployment of car sharing technology.


Hertz purchases the rights to Advantage Rent a Car, initially operating 20 Advantage locations in key U.S. leisure travel markets.
Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation (HERC) acquires Rent One, a top power generation company in Spain.


Hertz Entertainment Services acquires First Call based in Los Angeles, California.


Hertz acquires FlexiCar, an Australian car sharing company


Hertz launches Global Electric Vehicle (EV) initiative in New York City.


Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation opens its first facility in Saudi Arabia.


Hertz launches the restaging of its collections including the Adrenaline, Green Traveler, and Prestige.


Hertz introduces its new brand ambassador, Horatio


Hertz’s Global EV initiative expands to Washington D.C. and London.


Hertz unveils “Hertz On Demand” car sharing


Hertz acquires Donlen, a leading provider of fleet and leasing management services.


Hertz announces “Movin’ With Music” and a partnership with Live Nation.


Hertz fully acquires Navigation Solutions, the producer of Hertz’s customized NeverLost GPS system.


Hertz Entertainment Services acquires Cinelease, the U.S. market leader in TV lighting and grip rentals.


Hertz On Demand becomes the first city-sponsored car share program in the state of Florida by launching the program in Miami Beach.